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Instructors & Staff
                                                        Master Ahn holding sword 2

Master Ahn

Master Ahn's primary focus is Taekwondo, Hap ki Jiu-Jit-su & Musigong with emphasis on wellness & continual fitness.

7th Degree Dan – License from The World Tae kwon do Federation
6th Degree Dan –   Korea Hapkido Association
Ki Trainer – Master Level (Breathing/Meditation)
1st Place  – South Korean National Champion - 1994
South Korean Military Instructor  - 1996 -1998
1st Place - International Champion in Hapkido  - 1999
2yr Demonstration @ Chung Ju World Martial Arts
  Festival – 2000/2001 in Sword & Hapkido
Youngest to achieve Master Level in Korean Yoga (Ki Training)  - 2001
Letter of Recommendation from Kukkiwon World
  Taekwondo  Federation– 2003
Member  of World Taekwondo Federation - 1995-present
Member of International Hapkido Federation - 1999-present

Assistant Instructors

Rocco Watson

3rd Degree Dan
1st Place Sparring - Florida State Competition 2015
1st Place Poomsae - Florida State Competition 2015
1st Place Weapons - Florida State Competition 2015